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 Located in the heart of the historic Delano District in downtown Wichita Kansas.   Pauly’s Productions specializes in all things audio.   The studio can help you for all your audio based needs, live sound, state of the art recording studio, audio engineering workshops, and music lessons.

Studio A

Book by contacting the audio engineers

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Guitar Lessons

Learn the basics of acoustic and/or electric guitar.

Wether you want to play around the campfire or rock the stage we can get you there!

You Will learn

chords, scales, how to read tablature, improvising skills, basic song structure, How to solo, and much more.

1 – 30 min Guitar Lesson – $25

4 – 30 min Guitar Lessons – $75 (most popular)

12 – 30 min Guitar Lessons – $200


 Pauly’s Productions is home to some of the states best audio engineers.  Choose the engineer(s) that you feel best suits your project and contact them directly to book your session.



Owner-Audio Engineer-Producer-Teacher

Hourly Rate - $50
Block Rate - 4 hour $180
- 6 hour $240

Phone - 316-613-3755
Email - pauly@paulysproductions.com

Paul became familiar with musical instruments at a very early age. In his high school years he was in a variety of bands and began to record some local bands in the area. After graduating high school Paul moved to Dallas TX to attend Media tech institute. There he would further his knowledge of various types of gear and studio practices. Paul’s classes were very hands on and he would find himself behind some of the worlds greatest recording consoles and equipment on a regular basis. Media tech would later offer him an internship to assist the other students and artists. After the completion of his schooling, Paul accepted a position as an audio technician offered by KMID ABC. There he was responsible for creating and maintaining a weekly segment titled “ Band of the Week” as well as the normal duties as an audio technician. Paul left KMID and returned to Kansas to launch his company “Pauly’s Productions”. Currently, Paul is a composer and engineer for his own works and others, He is also an instructor for the LA Recording Connection.

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Daryl Wilson


Hourly Rate - $50
Block Rate - $175
Phone - 316-285-9371
Email - mmindsmusic@gmail.com

This east coast native of Sumter SC developed a passion for the diversity of music and sound since a child. As a military veteran relocated to the Midwest, this passion only expanded. From being a Recording Artist to Producing other recording artists, his love for music and Quality Sound led him to become an Audio Engineer in 2003. He’s spent years gaining mixing experience coupled with mentoring from his favorite engineers, Chris Lord Alge, and Young Guru until his signature sound was developed. In 2009, he founded, of which was deemed, the 1st documented self-owned Home Recording Studio in Wichita KS, Mastered Minds Music! Being a family man who loves the business, a 4 year period of recharge and recalibration was paramount. By 2015, Daryl had joined 1000 Network as one of their primary Sound Engineers with noteworthy clients to include direct affiliates of Wu-Tang Clan. That association led him to the internet streaming station Phenom Radio, and in 2017 he progressed to becoming their Regional A&R. He currently continues to work with artists as a Recording, Mixing and Mastering Engineer while indeed shouldering his role as a tastemaker for the Midwest and surrounding areas. “I definitely love what I do…more so helping artists achieve an elevated level of quality and development. I believe what keeps me relevant is the ability to adapt to the style(s) compatible with the Artist’s preference and listening audience”.

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Christopher Provost

Assistant Engineer - Guitar Instructor

1 hour - $35
2 hours - $60
4 hours - $100
Christopher Provost is an assistant Audio Engineer at Paulys Productions. He is an accomplished Musician, Composer and Professionally Certified Audio Engineer. Christopher Provost graduated in 2019, as one of the best students of his class in the Recording Connection School in Los Angeles. Christopher has mastered Pro Tools and Logic, and has immense knowledge of Ableton and FL Studio. Christopher has a wide musical pallet, ranging from classical to hip hop. His immense passion for music is apparent in sessions and he is more than willing to go above and beyond on all of your mixes.
``I believe and work on the artist's behalf, developing his own sound. Each song has it own essence, each artist his own mark, that's why, when I produce, record or mix a song, I seek to expose in the final track, the true spirit of the song and highlight, as much as possible, the feeling and intention of each musician and singer involved on it, as a whole perfectly orchestrated.``

Christopher Provost began playing guitar at the age of 14, being influenced by his 2 uncles who both played the guitar and his grandfather who played him guitar every night to aid him as he slept. Christopher Provost is a diverse guitarist who loves teaching and performing. His lessons cover every aspect of music knowledge, on both acoustic or electric guitar. Christopher has studied a vast amount of guitar playing styles ranging from fingerstyle classical, funk, jazz, blues, and good old fashioned rock and roll. Christopher teaches improvisation and music theory to students of almost any age from five to eighty-five and even beyond.

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James Evans

Studio Drummer and Instructor

James Evans is an accomplished musician from Wichita, Kansas. He started playing drums in 1999 at age 5. From 3rd to 6th grade he took piano lessons, performing for Wichita State Music Progression Program twice. Later in high school performing in Concert Band and Jazz Band, and received the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award. In 2015, James started as a studio drummer at Paulys Productions, completing Paulys Recording Workshop and performing with numerous local artist.


Horace Kennedy


Hourly Rate - $50
Block Rate - N/A
Phone - 316-550-5907
Email - kennedy.horace@gmail.com

Horace Kennedy had a love for music since he could remember. His family on both sides had a talent for music with the piano, and at the age of 7 Horace began to play. By the age 10 he had performed in recitals, played regularly at his fathers church and was beginning to take up saxophone at his school.
It was in his early teenage years that Horace was introduced to a program called Frooty Loops (Now FL Studio) and began making beats. Music stayed on the backburner for Horace until his early twenties, when he decided to go to Phoenix to study audio engineering at the Conservtory of Recording Arts and Sciences. A year later he did an internship at the Chicago Recording Company, getting his feet wet in the industry and shaking hands with some well known engineers who worked doing projects for Lady Gaga and Ubisoft Games.
Now Horace took his talents back home. He has been working with Pauly at Paulys Productions for a number of years now, having recorded and mixed some of the best talent to come out of Wichita, as well as come through it.

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General Questions

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